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Commercial & Fleet Hail Damage Repair

The Auto Hail Repair Experts

The Dent Company  provides Nationwide Commercial and Fleet Auto Hail Repair deeply discounted volume Paintless Dent Repair and bodywork. With our rapid response, we can be on location within days no matter what part of the country you are in. Our work comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Dent Company - Fleet Auto Hail Repair Service

Rapid Response


On location in days instead of weeks

Volume Discount

For Fleet Vehicles

Save money by using paintless dent repair

Insurance Claims

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Get the maximum claim allowance per vehicle



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Commercial & Fleet Auto Hail Repair

The Auto Hail Repair Experts

Fleet Vehicles auto hail repair

Save Money

Per vehicle when we are on the job.

Hail Repair For Fleet Vehicles
Save money on fleet auto hail repair

No Upfront Cost For Fleet Hail Repair - Percentage Based

No upfront cost for fleet auto hail repair with a flexible payment schedule.  We work on commission based on the total claim amount per vehicle from the insurance company.   In most cases, we can come in under what the insurance company pays out on each vehicle.  We can also quote a price on a per-vehicle basis. Our fleet customers typically save thousands of dollars when they choose us for their auto hail repair.

Rapid Response Fleet Hail Repair | We Are On The Way

Immediate deployment for our fleet and commercial customers.  On-site and ready to get the job done.

We are the Professionals

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We handle the paperwork for you

We Negotiate with the Insurance Company

We perform a complete and thorough estimate for each vehicle. In many cases, the insurance claim amount is lower than the true cost of repairs. We negotiate with the insurance companies for you and handle all the paperwork. We are very experienced in dealing with insurance companies and can get your fleet or commercial vehicles back on the road much faster. We work with all insurance companies.

We don't cut corners

We Recover The True Cost Of Repairs

Commercial and Fleet auto hail repair is very complex and should only be handled by an experienced company. When a hailstorm hits an area, adjusters are extremely busy.  Dents and other damage on a vehicle are routinely missed.  This causes the claim amounts to be lower than the actual cost of repairs.  Many companies will only repair the damage that is outlined in the insurance claim. Our detailed inspection process ensures all damage is found and properly repaired. If the claim amount is less than the actual cost of repair we go back to the insurance company to make sure the full amount is recovered.

Fleet Auto Hail Repair: The Process

  • 1

    File Your Claim ASAP

    An insurance adjuster will be sent out to give an estimate.  This can take some time.

  • 2

    Call Us Immediately

    We can begin making preparations to get out to your location.

  • 3

    Auto Hail Repair Proposal

    After your claim is approved, we will submit our proposal along with projected adjustments to the claim amount.

  • 4

    We Come To Your Location

    Upon proposal acceptance, we start work immediately at your location or one nearby.

  • 5

    The Auto Hail repair Is Complete

    Our work is done.  No trace of hail damage is visible on your vehicles.  Guaranteed.

  • 6


    You saved a lot of money by using The Dent Company with your fleet or commercial auto hail repair discount.


Ready at a Moment's Notice

We Have the Staff and Expertise

Fleet hail damage repair takes precise planning, expert staffing and the ability for immediate deployment. Don't expect your local body shop or paintless dent repair company to have the availability or staff to repair your fleet vehicles promptly.  The faster we get there, the faster your vehicles can get back on the road.

We Guarantee Our Work 100%

Lifetime Warranty on Fleet Auto Hail Repair

At The Dent Company (TDC), our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) technique is the preferred method and industry standard for hail damage repair. While we give higher discounts for volume work, our same commitment to excellence remains the same. Our work comes with a LIFETIME warranty and satisfaction guarantee. 

The Dent Company - We Get The Job Done!

Fleet Hail Damage Repair
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Municipality hail damage repair
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Large or Small Volume Hail Damage

Inventory Management & Flexible Rotation

For commercial and fleet auto hail repair, there is a high priority set on efficiency, quality and repair time.  Whether it is 50 or 100 vehicles with hail damage, our systematic approach is the same.  We evaluate each vehicle and put it in a rotation with our PDR techs to maximize efficiency. It is then logged for the fleet manager to know exactly where we are at. Need a certain vehicle early?  No problem.  Our inventory management system is flexible to better serve your needs.

Located In A Hail Prone Area?

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Get your vehicles back on the road faster

Your Fleet Vehicles Are Our Priority

Commercial and Fleet hail damage can be catastrophic and be a logistical nightmare.  We realize your vehicles are very important and need to back in service ASAP.  Once our bid is approved, we deploy a team to your location.  There, they will remain until the job is finished to your satisfaction.  All vehicles will be repaired to the condition they were in before the hail hit.  We guarantee it.

Auto Hail Repair & Other Services of The Dent Company


We are the auto hail repair experts.  Our precision work guarantees your vehicle will be back to its condition before the hail. We work with all insurance companies.


Don't call a body shop for those minor dents and door dings.  We can knock out those dings quickly and have you driving again in no time.


We are a full-service dent and collision body shop.  If you can drive your vehicle in and the frame is not bent, we can repair it and have you back on the road.

Go With The Professionals

About The Dent Company

The Dent Company is highly experienced in commercial and fleet auto hail repair.  Our expertise in high volume and concentrated hail damaged areas make us the choice of fleet managers across the country.  Our professional staff is easy to work with to get you the results you expect. We guarantee you will be happy with our service as will the people you entrust your vehicles to.


The Dent Company provides Nationwide Commercial and Fleet Auto Hail Repair Service

Commercial and Fleet Auto Hail Repair

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Fully insured.

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