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Auto Hail Repair FAQs

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Auto Hail Repair FAQs

No. Hail damage is a comprehensive claim meaning it is a no-fault claim. Comprehensive and "Random acts of God" do not affect your rates.

Yes!  Big or small, we work with them all.  We will even do all the paperwork and deal directly with the insurance company.

When you bring your vehicle to The Dent Company for auto hail repair, we will cover your deductible, up to $500 per vehicle.

If you bring your vehicle to the shop recommended by your insurance company or a body shop, you will have to pay your deductible before picking up your vehicle. 

No!  Once you have your claim number, you can take your vehicle anywhere for repairs.  In fact, we advise against using the shop recommended by the insurance company for obvious reasons.  When you bring your vehicle to us for auto hail repair, we will waive up to $500 of your deductible.

Yes!  We give free estimates and inspections that are friendly and without the hassle.

Hail damage repair is not covered under liability only auto insurance. Liability coverage will only cover the damage you cause to other property, vehicles or persons.

To qualify for auto hail repair, you will need collision, comprehensive or a full coverage insurance plan. If you are not sure what your insurance will cover, give us a call and we can tell you right over the phone.

This all depends on the severity of the damage. Plan on between 2 to 5 days.  We will be able to give you a more accurate time frame when bring in your vehicle for the estimate.

In many cases, we can provide a free rental car for our auto hail repair service.  We have loaner cars available and work with nation rental car companies.

Yes!  We have a Lifetime Warranty and satisfaction guaranty on our auto hail repair and paintless dent repair work.

Definitely not.  Multiple hailstorms can total a vehicle when it could have withstood one at a time.  It is important to repair the damage as soon as possible.

It will be a new claim and will be handled the exact same way with your insurance company.

The cost of auto hail repair can run into the $1000's and up.  It will vary depending on the extent of the damage.  Full-coverage insurance covers the cost of hail damage repair minus your deductible.  Bring your vehicle to The Dent Company and we will waive the first $500 of your deductible.

No.  We do not report any of our work to CARFAX.

Yes!  We provide nationwide fleet and dealership auto hail repair. We can be at your location in days, instead of weeks.

Paintless Dent Repair FAQs

Highly skilled PDR technicians use specialized tools to gently reset dents back to their original state. They use existing access points on the vehicle to get behind the dent.  PDR is the preferred method of dent removal because the vehicle stays 100% original without the need for aftermarket parts.  Visit our Paintless Dent Repair page to see a video on how it works.

Paintless dent repair gently resets dents back to their original state.  This is accomplished by PDR technicians using specialized tools. 

uses specialized tools to gently reset

Yes! PDR is your best option for auto hail repair and dent removal because the vehicle is not harmed and the paint stays intact throughout the entire process. After PDR, the vehicle is restored to the exact condition it was in before the damage took place.

No.  When done correctly, paintless dent repair is a permanent fix that will last the life of your vehicle.  The dents will not reappear in the future.  We guarantee it.

No.  While paintless dent repair works on most dents, it does have its limitations.  For example, once the paint is damaged PDR cannot fix it and the dent will have to be repaired by a body shop.  Fortunately, The Dent Company is a full-service body shop so we can fix it in-house.

Besides speed and precision, the #1 reason to choose PDR over a body shop is the paint.  The factory paint is probably the best paint job your vehicle will have.  It goes through an elaborate process to apply it and is extremely expensive to duplicate it.  The condition of the factory paint has a direct impact on the value of the vehicle so it is important to keep it intact as long as possible.  With PDR, the factory paint is not harmed and stays completely intact. 

A single dent can start around $100 to repair.  It all depends on the size and location of the dent.  The location is important as some areas of the vehicle are easier to get to than others.

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