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Auto Hail Repair Options

The 3 Best Auto Hail Repair Options

The 3 Best Auto Hail Repair Options – For Auto hail repair there are only three options that are the most effective.  While that may not seem like a lot, they are all capable of fixing hail damage.  The options differ in how the repair is made and they all have their advantages and disadvantages.  Here, we will list the three options, the benefits, and limitations of them.


Paintless Dent Repair

For auto hail repair options, the best choice for most is paintless dent repair or PDR. The main reason PDR is superior for auto hail damage is that the factory paint is not harmed and the vehicle stays 100% original during the entire dent removal process.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

Factory paint is not harmed

The factory paint is most likely the best paint job that a vehicle will ever have and has a direct impact on its overall value.  New car paint is a very elaborate process and expensive process that would be extremely difficult to replicate.  A new car goes through several dipping tanks and primers before the paint is applied and bonded electronically.  This all takes place in an extremely sterile environment.  Even the process could be replicated, the insurance company will never pay for it.  You only get one factory paint job so it is important to keep it as long as you can.

The vehicle stays original

Paintless dent repair fixes hail damage without the need for panel replacement and aftermarket parts.  The vehicle stays 100% original, retains its full value and the repair is more precise.

Much faster

Hail damage can be repaired much faster with paintless dent repair.  There no prep time or waiting on parts.  PDR technicians can start immediately repairing the vehicle.  A hail damaged car can typically be repaired within a few days to a week with paintless dent repair depending on the extent of the damage.

More cost-effective

Auto hail repair cost is typically lower when PDR is used as compared to the other methods.  Many PDR companies will even offer incentives such as a free rental car or waiving the insurance deductible.

The choice of car dealerships

Paintless dent repair is the preferred method for car dealership hail repair.  With PDR, the vehicles are repaired to new condition and back on the lot much quicker than the other methods of repair.

Limitations of PDR

Chipped or damaged paint

Once the paint is damaged, the vehicle will exceed the limitations of paintless dent repair. The affected areas or the entire car will have to be repainted.

Extreme auto hail damage

When body panels suffer extreme hail damage, it may make better sense to replace them rather than use paintless dent repair.  This is particularly the case when the vehicle is hit with very large hailstones.


Auto Body Shop

A body shop is another auto hail repair option that is popular.  Body shops have a general knowledge of repairing all parts of a vehicle’s body.  Insurance companies typically send vehicles to a body shop for most claims, including hail damage.

Auto Body Shop Benefits

Body part replacement

A body shop, experienced with hail damage, can repair a vehicle when other methods cannot.  They excel at body part replacement and make sure the parts fit properly.

Auto Paint

Repainting a vehicle will be necessary when body panels are replaced.  A body shop typically has a paint booth on-site or has arrangements with an auto paint company.  They will be able to closely match the existing paint.

Limitations of a Body Shop

Longer repair times

Body parts have to be ordered and prepped before they can be painted and installed.  The repair can take weeks.  When hail hits more populated areas, wait times can be months just to get your vehicle in.

*Aftermarket parts

In almost all cases for insurance claims, aftermarket (Lower quality) body parts will be used instead of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.


Aftermarket paint can get very close to the existing paint but will not match exactly nor be of the same quality.

* Note:  For auto hail repair claims, insurance companies require aftermarket parts and paint.  For most, these repairs will last years and not be an issue depending on the quality of the work.


Hybrid PDR and Body Shop

Hybrid body shops repair auto hail damage using both paintless dent repair and conventional body shop methods.  It is the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Shop Benefits

Hybrid body shops use paintless dent repair on all parts of the vehicle first.  Only when areas exceed the limitations of PDR will they be repaired by conventional body shop methods.  This keeps the vehicle as original as possible and keeps re-painting to a minimum.


We Are The Auto Hail Repair Experts

At The Dent Company, we are the Auto Hail Repair Experts and our paintless dent repair process is the industry-leading standard for auto hail repair.

No deductible Auto Hail Repair Program – We are so good at what we do that we offer our customers $500 back to cover their deductible for all qualifying auto hail repair work we perform.  Furthermore, we have a free rental car and loaner program available to our customers.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  Every vehicle we repair comes with a Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee.  Word of mouth has made The Dent Company what we are today and we never forget that.  We want to be your go-to dent company and the one you tell your friends about.

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