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Cheap Dent Repair

Cheap Dent Repair vs. Affordable. Don’t Cut Corners

Cheap Dent Repair – It is only natural for consumers to seek out the best price on most things and dent removal is one of those things.  Nobody wants to overpay for something they could have received somewhere else for cheaper.  The Dent Company routinely sees vehicles where the owner decided to go the cheap dent repair route.  In most cases, the repair ends up costing more when we have to fix an improperly repaired dent from someone else.  For only a little bit more, we could have fixed the dent(s) the right way along with our lifetime warranty should anything ever go wrong.

If you want to save money, Paintless Dent Repair is the way to go for dent removal most of the time.  It isn’t cheap dent repair but it is usually far less than an auto body shop will charge and much more precise.  When done correctly, it is a permanent dent fix and the repair will last the life of your vehicle.  If the paint is damaged (Cracked or chipped) or the damage is too extensive, then that dent exceeds the limitations of Paintless Dent Repair and it must be fixed by conventional methods.  The biggest benefit of Paintless Dent Repair is that the factory paint is not harmed during the dent removal process and your vehicle remains original without the need for aftermarket (Cheaper) body panel replacements.

“PDR First” Company – Lower Dent Repair Cost

The Dent Company is a “PDR First” dent repair company.  This means that we repair all parts of the vehicle using Paintless Dent Repair first.  Only when a section exceeds the limitations of PDR will we use conventional auto body methods of repair. For auto hail repair, this is most beneficial because the overall impact on the vehicle is greatly reduced while keeping it as original as possible at a much lower cost.  Hail damage can be very expensive to fix.  In many cases, a vehicle can be repaired with Paintless Dent Repair when it would have been totaled by a body shop.  This can be good news if you owe more than your vehicle is worth.

Cheap Dent Repair – Sound Too Good To Be True?

As we mentioned earlier, seeking cheap dent repair to save a few bucks could cost you more in the long run.  The factory paint is probably the best paint job your vehicle will ever have and very expensive to replicate.  It also has a direct impact on the value of the vehicle when it comes time to sell or trade it in.  Therefore, it is extremely important to not harm the paint anytime during the dent removal process.  For these reasons, cheap dent repair carries a risk that corners may be cut.  The Dent Company provides affordable dent removal while maintaining the high standard of quality we are known for.  The old saying still applies, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

No-Deductible Auto Hail Repair

That’s right, your auto hail damage repair may not cost you anything when you bring your vehicle(s) to The Dent Company.  For all qualifying auto hail repair we perform, we will let you keep your deductible up to $500 for each vehicle.  Depending on the deductible and extent of damage, we may be able to even to increase that amount under certain circumstances.  We are The Auto Hail Repair Experts for a reason and our process is so efficient and streamlined that we can pass our savings on to our customers.  Skip the cheap dent repair ads and call us directly.  Even our estimates are free.

How Much Does Dent Removal Cost?

The cost to remove a dent mainly depends on two factors, the size, and location of the dent.  A typical, small and single dent that is easily accessible with PDR tools may cost $120 to repair.  The same-sized dent in a harder to reach location will run a little bit more.  We offer same-day dent removal with our Express Dent and Door Ding Repair Service. Depending on the dent, we may even be able to repair it while you wait.  In most cases, we can remove a dent or even several for less than a standard deductible.  No insurance claim is necessary.  If you are local and just need a quick estimate, visit our Online Dent Repair Estimate Calculator.  A visual inspection is necessary for the most accurate estimate.

DIY Kits for Cheap Dent Repair

“It’s just a small dent, I can fix that!” These are usually the last words uttered before someone with a dent heads over to Amazon.  There, they will find all kinds of DIY dent repair kits all with various claims and mixed reviews. For roughly $17 you can pick up a product that claims it will fix your problem.  To put this into perspective, an experienced PDR technician may have over $10k invested in their tools. A cheap dent repair kit probably won’t produce anywhere near the quality and may even cause more damage.  Time and time again, these DIY dent repairs come into our shop where the customer has said, “I thought I could fix it.”

Dry ice dent repair – There are several claims and YouTube videos that show dents being removed with dry ice.  In theory, the extreme cold of the dry ice will contract the metal and pop the dent out.  Not only is this a myth, but you also run the risk of further damaging the paint.

Parking Lot Dent Repair Scams

It sounds hard to imagine that anyone would fall for this cheap dent repair scam but people do so we thought we would mention it.  The exact scenario is different in every case but the scam is still the same and usually after it has hailed.

A dent repair “Employee” pulls up to an unsuspecting victim:
“Excuse me.  I noticed you have a few dents.  I just got off work and fix them for cheap.  I am doing this on the side and can’t let my boss find out so I can only accept cash.”

Once the victim agrees and payment is made, a special “Dent removal” liquid is rubbed on the dented areas.  They are then told to wait 24 hours and the dents will either disappear or be filled in.  Usually, they are applying some type of regular car wax.   We have even heard of body filler being used.  In those cases, the paint was ruined and not covered under their insurance.  Of course, there is no magic dent removal liquid.

The Bottom Line

Unless you are on an extremely tight budget, skip the cheap dent repair.  High-quality dent removal is not only affordable but it can save you money in the long run.  Whether you have a simple door ding or full auto hail damage, bring your vehicle to The Dent Company.  Our hail inspections and dent estimates are always friendly and free.  We’ll be able to tell you exactly what it will cost to fix it the right way.

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