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Fix Your Hail Damage

Fix Your Hail Damage – Why Now Is The Best Time

Looking to fix your hail damage on your car or truck?  Been putting it off?  Well, we have good news because now is the perfect time to get it done!  From August until the end of the year, things tend to slow down to a steady roll. Look, we get it.  With everything going on, things are crazy, and finding the time to fix your hail damage probably isn’t at the top of your list.

Let us explain why you should stop putting it off and why now is the best time to get your vehicle in for auto hail repair. If this is your first time dealing with hail damage, see why Paintless Dent Repair is your best option.

Top 6 reasons to fix your hail damage now:

  • No waiting
  • Rental car availability
  • Putting of hail repair
  • Insurance agents
  • Incentives
  • Time limit on claim

No waiting to fix your hail damage

It has been a minute since any major hail has hit the Denver area.  The long wait times for hail damage repair are no longer as the majority of people have already had their cars and trucks repaired.  Right now, you can get your vehicle in right away for repairs without the wait.  That means you will get it back much sooner.

Rental car availability

When a storm causes major hail damage, especially in a densely populated area, rental cars can become scarce.  Auto hail repair can take a couple of days to a week to repair, depending on the extent of the damage.  So, it is a mad dash for customers to try to secure a rental car while their vehicle is in the shop.  If the storm is severe enough, finding a rental car could take weeks.  At The Dent Company, we have loaner vehicles and free rental cars available, now.

Hail season isn’t over but don’t put off hail damage repair

If you live in an area that frequently sees hail on a regular basis, you may be tempted to ride out the year before getting your hail damage repaired.  This is a bad idea and could cost you more in the long run.  We see it all the time where a car is “Totaled” by the insurance company because it went through two or more hail storms.  This is bad news if you owe more on the car than it is worth.  In most cases, the vehicle would have been fine if it had withstood one storm at a time and was repaired after each storm.

Insurance agents are more attentive now

After a hailstorm, half the battle is getting an insurance adjuster out to inspect your damage.  They are overwhelmed with the flood of claims and it can be some time before they get to you.  Oftentimes, they may just ask you to take pictures of your hail damage and this is where the delays start.  No matter how good of a camera you have, it will never show all of the damage until you get it to the shop for a proper hail inspection and the numbers are usually way off.  The shop will have to wait for the adjuster to come out for another inspection.  Well, right now, adjusters are much easier to get a hold of and things run MUCH smoothly.

Great incentives are still there to fix your hail damage

At The Dent Company, we still offer $500 toward your deductible for all qualifying auto hail repair work we do.  That means that it might cost you $0 out-of-pocket for your hail damage repair.  On top of that, we will handle all the paperwork and deal with your insurance company, directly.  Don’t have time to drop off your vehicle?  We’ll pick it up with our free valet service.  Getting your hail damage repaired couldn’t be easier!

Time flies when it comes to hail damage

It varies on the insurance company but most set a deadline for how long you can wait to file a claim and get your vehicle repaired.  It is usually a year or so.  Right now, the weather is nice and many people are working from home due to COVID-19.  Before you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here. You don’t want to be scrambling to get your hail damage repaired around the holidays.  Especially, because many paintless dent repair companies take those months off so there are fewer options around that time. The Dent Company, however, stays open all year, 6 days a week to better serve our customers.


About The Dent Company

Fixing your hail damage is a fairly easy and painless process.  At The Dent Company, we are The Auto Hail Repair Experts and our Paintless Dent Repair or PDR, is the industry-leading standard for automotive dent removal.  With PDR, your vehicle’s factory paint is not harmed and no aftermarket parts are required.  We repair the vehicle as is so it stays 100% original with full-value retention.  When we are finished, it will look as good as it did before the hail damage took place.  We guarantee it.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Every vehicle we repair comes with a Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee. Word of mouth has made us who we are today and we never forget that. We want to be your go-to dent company and the one you tell your friends about.

Two Denver Area Locations:

6260 W 52nd Ave #112
Arvada, CO 80002
(720) 422-9920

11450 Huron St. Ste. D
Northglenn, CO 80234
(303) 451-5536


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