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Auto Hail Repair Remote Relief Facilities.

Auto Hail Repair Remote Relief Facilities (RRFs)

Auto Hail Repair Remote Relief Facilities (RRFs) – Hail is unpredictable as is the damage it causes.  It can hit pretty much anywhere and leave those affected areas completely devastated.  This is especially true if they are not prepared or lack a regular frequency of hail occurrences.  Denver is no stranger to hail and it is where our home base operation is located.  Our full-time auto hail repair facility stays open all year.  Not all locations have this luxury and this certainly isn’t the case in most parts of the country.

For areas with a low frequency of hail or simply do not have the resources to repair large volume hail damage, The Dent Company sets up temporary Auto Hail Repair Remote Relief Facilities to aid in the recovery.

Certain Areas Of The Country Rely On Our Remote Relief Facilities

For many parts of the country, hail damage is an infrequent occurrence.  For this reason, it may be difficult to find a dedicated auto hail repair facility.  It just would not be economically feasible. This is a major problem when a hailstorm devastates an area. Most body shops are already booked weeks out and they simply do not have the resources or facilities to repair a large volume of hail damaged vehicles.  Our latest RRF was in Albuquerque, NM.  Albuquerque has infrequent hail but when it did hit, we went down to alleviate the pressure put on the local body shops.  At the time of this writing, we are still repairing vehicles down there and will continue to do so until the volume slows to a steady trickle.

Our Remote Relief Facilities Represent The Dent Company

When we open a Remote Relief Facility, it is the same as if we built a permanent structure.  Our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) technique is the leading industry standard for auto hail repair, no matter where we are located including our Remote Relief Facilities.  Our National Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee are still included with every vehicle we repair. The Auto Hail Repair industry is very fluid and most Paintless Dent Repair technicians travel for work.  We have a great staff of PDR Technicians from all over the country who are highly trained, very experienced and ready to work, wherever they are needed.

All Hail The Auto Hail Repair Tents…But Be Cautious

In theory, Auto Hail Repair can be performed anywhere.  All that is needed are Paintless Dent Repair technicians with the proper tools and the experience to use them.  When the high concentration hail hits, auto hail repair tents will pop up all over the town overnight.  Other hail companies may take up temporary residence in other facilities, including car dealerships.  They are all there for the same purpose, to repair hail damaged vehicles.  Without them, the local resources would be overwhelmed and simple auto hail repairs could take 8 months to a year.

Be Sure To Only Work With A Reputable Auto Hail Repair Company

There are some reputable companies who also travel to perform auto hail repair in temporary locations.   Some companies even make a living chasing hail all over the USA without a permanent location. Most of the time, this is OK and completely normal in the auto hail repair industry.  Unfortunately, not all auto hail repair companies are the same and there are some unsavory companies out there doing low quality work to make a quick buck.  Once the hail season ends, so do their promises and warranties.  Consumers should be cautious and do a little research on which dent company they decide to use.

Make Sure Your Warranty Is Valid Nationwide

Our Lifetime Warranty is valid nationwide wherever we do the work.  For example, if we had a Remote Relief Facility in St. Louis and there were issues after we left, we still stand behind our work.  We work with a national network of body shops all across the country who can repair any issues that may arise.  Of course, it would be extremely rare as our quality control staff inspects every vehicle before delivery to make sure it meets our standard of quality.  Paintless Dent Repair is a permanent fix and the dents will never return or “Pop” back.

Remote Relief Facilities Add To The Local Economy

Auto hail damage is expensive to repair and we are The Auto Hail Repair Experts.  We are well-oiled machine when it comes to auto hail repair and can repair vehicles much faster than a conventional body shop.  Due to the volume, just one of our locations generates $10s of thousands of dollars for the local economy.  In addition to our regular staff, we also employ local workers as much as possible when we open a Remote Relief Facility.  We employ PDR technicians, salespeople, miscellaneous shop personnel and support staff.  A location is leased, apartments are rented, groceries are bought and sales tax is taken. While our Remote Relief Facilities are meant to be temporary, there is usually 8-12 months of work.  In some cases, we are able to keep a location running even longer as we also provide our Express Dent & Door Ding Repair service.  Customers can get same-day small dent repair for less than their deductibles in most cases.  This is especially helpful for those with only a few dents and do not want to file an insurance claim.

Check Our Real-Time Service Area For Auto Hail Repair

We list our current Remote Relief Locations on our Service Area page.  As soon as we are on our way, the page is updated.  Many companies claim to be us, imitate us or have “Dent Company,” “Dent Co.” or “DentCo” in their name.  Make sure you are talking to the one, the only, the authentic…”The Dent Company.”  If there is any doubt, visit us here or call us directly at (866) 685-4245.

When the next hailstorm hits and we are in your area, give us a call or stop and say “Hi!”.  We will make your car look as it once did just as we do for all of our happy customers.  Hopefully, you won’t need our services but if you do, we hope you choose us as your dent company.


– The Dent Company
  The Auto Hail Repair Experts |  America’s Dent Co.

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2 thoughts on “Auto Hail Repair Remote Relief Facilities (RRFs)”

  1. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! On a recent trip to Las Vegas my husband’s retirement gift to himself (a black Cadillac) was molested by a parking structure when I happened to be behind the wheel. What happens in Vegas however, on this occasion did not stay in Vegas and apparently a small dent the size of a grapefruit on a black Cadillac represented some sort of emotional trauma of significance. After being informed by six PDR specialists over a week that the dent could not be repaired under any circumstances and the fender of my husband’s car would need to be replaced, in a last ditch effort to help my husband I happened on The Dent Company (Heath). Apparently Heath understood my husband’s emotional crisis and made arrangements after receiving a photo of the damage to meet my husband. (not at his place of business but rather at a location very convenient to my husband). After inspecting the damage, Heath set up an appointment to repair what six other companies would not consider. After six hours of magic, my husband’s vehicle was repaired and returned to him no worse the experience. According to my husband, a Christmas miracle! I guess there are repair specialists and then there is The Dent Company. Heath said he could fix the damage and he understood my husband’s emotional obsession with his vehicle and he delivered what he promised. The Dent Company says what it means and means what it says. It’s rare to witness craftsmanship that rises so far above the usual these days. Even rarer was the customer service and actual care taken to accomplish this repair. I can’t recall the last time I witnessed the actual pride taken in a job well done. Six other companies that were highly recommended did not have the time or skill set to attempt what Heath and his company so skillfully accomplished. Thank you, Dent Company – there truly are Christmas miracles!

  2. Deanne, thank you for the kind words and for the opportunity to repair your Cadillac. The pleasure was all ours. Merry Christmas!

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