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The Dent Company Auto Hail Repair

Why Use The Dent Company For Auto Hail Repair

Let’s face it, there are a lot of companies out there that repair hail damage.  So, why should you use The Dent Company for your auto hail repair?  Of course, WE know why we are the best but we would like to share what differentiates us from the competition and why you should bring your vehicle(s) to us for repair.

We Are A Local Business

The Dent Company maintains a permanent, year-round auto hail repair facility just outside Denver in Arvada, CO.  Many companies just show up for the hail season and are gone as soon as it ends.  We stay here to service our customers throughout the year. If there ever is a problem, you can rest assured we’ll be here to take care of it.  We’re not going anywhere and are we are here to stay.

No Deductible Auto Hail Repair

We Are The Auto Hail Repair Experts for a reason.  Our hail repair process is so streamlined, efficient and precise that we can repair your vehicle for less than a traditional body shop.  Since we repair your existing vehicle, we don’t have to wait on parts or the prep time involved with re-painting a vehicle.   Our costs are lower and we can pass some of those savings on to our customers.  Our No Deductible Auto Hail Repair Program will cover the first $500 of the deductible for each vehicle with all qualifying auto hail repair work we perform.  You could walk away with no out-of-pocket expense when you bring your vehicle(s) to The Dent Company.

Dealerships Trust Us With Their Cars

We are the experts for Dealership Auto Hail Repair.  Car dealers across the country trust us to fix their hail damaged cars.  When they call us, we send out a team of our PDR technicians to get theirs fixed fast and back to showroom condition.  It doesn’t matter if it is 20 cars or 200, we travel to their location and stay until the job is done.

We Use Paintless Dent Repair

Our Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the industry-leading standard for auto hail repair.  Dents are individually lifted out with specialized tools by highly experienced PDR technicians. PDR fixes dents without the need for aftermarket body parts or re-painting and the repair is more precise than conventional body shop methods.   Your vehicle stays 100% original and it retains it’s full value when using PDR.

We Save Your Factory Paint

The factory paint is probably the best paint job your vehicle will ever have.  It is very expensive to replicate and has a direct impact on the vehicle’s value.  You will never get this quality from a hail repair claim and the insurance company will never pay for it.  You will have to settle for “Close enough.”  Paintless dent repair fixes your hail damage without harming your factory paint in any way.  We have a saying, “You only get one factory paint job.  Don’t trust it to just anyone.”

We Are Also A Body Shop

When your vehicle suffers damage that exceeds the limitations of paintless dent repair, we have you covered!  The Dent Company is a full-service auto body shop and light collision repair center.  As a “PDR First” auto body shop, we will repair all parts of your vehicle using paintless dent repair first before using conventional body shop methods.  This way, your vehicle stays as original as possible and it retains its maximum value.

We Have Glowing Reviews

Customer satisfaction is #1 to us and it shows!  Check out our glowing reviews and read some of the kind words left for us. Our reviews motivate us and we love to read them!

Lifetime Warranty

All of our work at The Dent Company comes with a lifetime warranty.  Paintless dent repair is a permanent fix and you should never have any trouble from our repair down the road.  If you do, we will take care of it for as long as you own your vehicle.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your vehicle and our repair.  So much so, that we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee on all work we perform.  All of our work is inspected before returning the vehicle to our customer to make sure it meets our high quality of standards that we demand from each and every one who works for us.  When you pick up your vehicle, you won’t be disappointed.  Most of the time, customers can’t believe how well their vehicles turned out!

Free Estimates & Hail Inspections

We give hassle-free auto hail repair estimates and hail inspections without the hard sell or pressure.  We will be able to give you an accurate estimate without any hidden costs or fees.  We work with all insurance companies.  If you think you may have hail damage, we will be able to tell you with a quick inspection.  Just call for an appointment and we should be able to get you in that day or the next.

Free Rental Cars

Being stranded without a vehicle is never fun.  We understand that a vehicle is necessary in today’s world.  We provide a free rental car or loaner for all qualifying auto hail repair work we perform.  You can use it as long as we have your vehicle in our shop for repairs.


About The Dent Company

At The Dent Company, we are known for the quality of our work and the service we provide.  Word of mouth has made us who we are today and we never forget that.  We want to be your go-to dent removal company and the one you tell your friends about.

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